IIT barn

IIT barn
spring 2011 prototype

Monday, February 7, 2011



We created a project description to give to possible sponsors of our project. Each student took pictures and wrote our biographies for a page about each of us.We also all had Chinese for lunch break together. Not as tasty as when Frank Flurry made sausages for us, but still just as enjoyable.

We are meeting with the head of the Farnworth House, Whitney, to present our designs and get critique and overall concerns with the buildings, such as cost, placement, and size.

Review of Charette


We reviewed or designs, and critiqued each other on improvements of design to think about later. This was the first time any of us had seen each others designs, and concepts. There are strong similarities in the buildings with some projects to one another, and some vast differences from others. This ranges from a full open plan, to a narrow passageway, to a shifted boxes design.



We did a four hour design charette, where each student created a scheme of a possible 800 sqft building. The initial ideas were documented with this charette on each student's design ideas, in relationship to site analysis, creating plan, section and elevations of a possible building idea. We Then had to build a model of out idea for Friday, due to the blizzard that hit Chicago, rescheduling the review from Wednesday to Friday.

Building the site model


We built a 1/8" = 1'-0" site, coming out to a 4'x4' square of the surrounding area. Here we have pictures of Will and Matt drawing and cutting the contour lines in meditate to be glued and added to the site model.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trip to the Farnsworth House


We went out to the Farnsworth House. This was the first time for many of us visiting the house. We then surveyed and measured the land, distance elevations of the surrounding land of the visitor center and Lumenhaus. We are looking to build our building closer to these buildings rather than the Farnsworth house.


We have done:
Site model built

Surveyed the possible sites around the Farnsworth Information Center and Lumenhaus.

Four hour Charette, of building ideas


Welcome to the Farnsworth studio, a design and build studio.

Our program is to create a exhibition or information center  for the Farnsworth house in Plato, IL.