IIT barn

IIT barn
spring 2011 prototype

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Raising the structure


We put the walls up today. Thank you to the people who helped us and made it possible to put all 20 walls up in one day. We are finally seeing our building go up, and look like how we have been designing it. Our walls look similar to our renderings and make it alot easier to see the space we are creating to house the wardrobe.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Into summer time

5/14 - 5/22

We are now staying in Plano. We have a small cottage that we are staying at, and having camp fires on site. We have gotten a lot of progress each week. We finished the floor using the TGI and LVL beams. We have a ledge to hold the  We also buried the drainage pipe with dirt. We will put the top soil back on when we finish landscaping. We are putting the walls up next week.

So much progress

We poured the concrete for the walls. We then released the formwork and put our waterproofing material around the concrete.We made the slope to seal the concrete seam, and added the pipes and drainage. All concrete work is done, just in time for graduation.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Concrete pours

4/23 poured the slab
5/3 poured the walls
In the past two weeks, we've poured both the slab and walls. We passed both inspections and learned alot both putting up the supports to the formwork and the pour itself. The concrete was faster than we all expected, and the limited time frame to finish the pour was difficult a we were learning as we did it.

We also moved all of our walls to the site. We had one company move all of our wood, plus the stuff we bought in one big shipment, rather than separate.