IIT barn

IIT barn
spring 2011 prototype

Thursday, April 19, 2012

rocks, rocks, and more rocks

We put in the gravel today for all the gravel going under our slab. We dumped all the gravel into the hole using the skid-loader, and then used shovels to move the gravel to the right areas. We then used the rake to get it the same depth in all the areas. We are a bit short on the gravel, and so are going to order more for our drainage and the rest of the gravel under the slab. We also built the form-work for the slab, and put it into place. we have a gap around our building due to the slope of the ground, that we can put our drainpipe in as soon as the concrete is poured. To make the form-work level we pickaxed the area where it sat till each piece could be  level with the ground. Our soil is very rocky, as it is close to the fox river. This causes us to hit a rock every 2 inches or so, each time we need to dig. By the end of it, we are so tired of hitting the rocks we throw them out of the hole, with hopes they are the last one.

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